Service Schedule
• Sunday  Worship Services -
9:00AM & 10:30AM
• Classes for kids of all ages -
9:00AM & 10:30AM
• Life Groups throughout the week

Our Location
Location Address:
The Old ACO Furniture Store / Aloha Skating Rink
397 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123

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Visit Southridge Church

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We are excited to introduce Southridge to you. You may be feeling a little nervous about visiting a new church while we’re thinking we’re nervous because we’re a brand new church in the community. It’s for this very reason we have a greater opportunity to build camaraderie. You see our story has yet to be written. We don’t have a past only a vision for the future. We want to invite you on this journey with us and let our story be a part of your story.

When it comes to what we are and what we offer it’s simple. We offer preaching from Pastor Irmler that is rooted and relevant to your daily life. We make no apology for preaching the Bible not opinions. We offer uplifting music, friendly child-care, and a loving church family.

How do I get to Southridge?

We meet at the old ACO Furniture Building/ Aloha Skating Rink. Park anywhere you would like and then follow the directional signs to the Multipurpose room where you'll be greeted by our friendly volunteer staff.

What will happen when I visit for the first time.

If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or ask you to give money. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for awhile—and that’s fine with us! Come in, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you.

How Long Are the Services?

A typical service at Southridge lasts about 60-75 minutes.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for Southridge but you will find that the folks who attend Southridge dress anywhere from comfortable casual to semi-formal. Our preference is that you wear what you feel comfortable wearing to church.

What is the childcare like?

Here at Southridge we love all the children that attend and care first and foremost about their safety. That is why several of our staff and volunteers are certified CPR + First Aide.

Will I have to participate?

Here at Southridge we hope and pray that one day you will want to participate and be a part of God’s vision for this community but until then we are just thrilled to have you visiting and enjoying our services.

How can I meet others and get connected?

There are many ways to get involved. You can begin by attending our Growth Track. Small groups are another great way to connect. In each of these, you can build friendships, learn more about the life of our church, and have the opportunity to grow in your faith.

Why do you have small groups?

Small groups are an important part of Southridge; in fact, you haven’t fully experienced the church until you’ve experienced our small groups. Groups allow you to meet other members and develop relationships that will spur your relationship with God. As Southridge grows, groups allow us to “stay small” and connected. Groups are available for all ages and interests—there’s bound to be one that’s just right for you.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! We do take up an offering as another way to worship the Lord through giving as instructed by God to give back what He’s given to us but we want your visit to be our gift to you and we expect nothing in return.

What is your pastor like?

Pastor Micaiah Irmler has an energetic upbeat spirit that is absolutely contagious for all those around him. His dynamic speaking style combined with his down to earth application of the Bible make for an inspiring and impactful worship experience. From the moment you meet our pastor you will feel like you’ve known him all your life.

Additional questions

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you while you are at Southridge Church, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We have ushers availabe to answer any questions you might have or to provide directions to any of our ministry locations. Also, our hospitality team is always available to help in any way needed. Feel free to call ahead or email  / 408.620.4430 with any questions.

Our Mission

We as a community want to live by faith, be known by love, and a voice of hope in our city.


PO Box 53287 • San Jose, CA 95123 • 408.620.4430